NAHA-WEST INN is a unique hotel created based on the concept of “relax as you stay at home, comfort as you stay at hotel”. Our residence style hotel offer the same convenience as a hotel and casualness and comfort as you stay home for even single stay to long stay.

SNow we opened new site in different style. The original residence style rooms offer very spacious rooms with or without mini kitchen equipped with separate bath and toilet, and washing machine. As suitable for medium - long stay. Instead the new site is more ordinal style, but offer "above level stay for good price" There is no kitchen nor washing machine but equipped with very comfortable large size beds. Also we prepared some rooms with micro bubble bath system which is the most advanced bubble spa system. There are also women only floors, so even feel safe for woman single stay. Perfect for short to medium stay.


The guest room of the spacious space, Semi double room 22 m², double room twin room 30 m², All rooms are fitted with mini kitchen, large storage · air conditioner · large refrigerator · free internet environment · 32 inch full high vision LCD TV · desk · dryer · wagon table are installed. To make customers comfortable, the bath and toilet are in a separate style.

In addition, we offer variety of rental goods such as dishes, cooking utensils, iron and trouser presses. We will support you for a long stay.


Double Room 22 m², Twin Room A 24 m², Twin Room B 27 m² and spacious guest rooms are all air conditioned, fridge, free internet environment, 46 inch full high vision LCD TV, desk, sofa, dryer, stand mirror Installation. To make customers comfortable, the bath and toilet are in a separate style.

We also offer a variety of rental goods such as iron and trouser presses. We offer slightly different comfortness for short stays from the main building rooms.


NAHA-WEST INN was able to receive numerous awards supported by customers!

Since opening in June 2008, NAHA-WEST INN has won numerous awards domestic major reservation site "Jalan net" selling points rankings. We will continue to do our best to accommodate you with pleasure, so please continue supports us!
[Major awards]
2009 Okinawa area Second place ranked second place ranking
2009 Okinawa area Second place ranked second place ranking
2009 Okinawa area Second place sold ranked second place
2010 Okinawa area Second place ranked second place ranking
2010 Okinawa area Second place ranked second place ranking


Highly rated on the world's largest travel site!

Our hotel is highly rated by the world's largest travel site!! We appreciate that Naha West Inn won the TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award from 2012 to 2016, 2018 and 2019.In 2020, we are awarded " Travelers' Choice (former Excellence Award)"! This is the 8th time prize for 3 consecutive years. This award is given only to facilities that are highly rated by users on TripAdvisor. It is awarded to only approximately 10% of the properties that registered on TripAdvisor all over the world.


For hair and skin with a hidden aura.
It is the mysterious power of pearls.

The bath amenities contain pearl essence*, an original beauty ingredient of MIKIMOTO COSMETICS, to give your skin and hair a luster and radiance.
Enjoy a blissful bath time filled with luxury and elegance, surrounded by the floral fruity marine scent of the goddess Venus.
*Hydrolyzed Conchiolin: (moisturizing ingredient)


We make effort to offer you as reasonable price as possible. Following three reasons, we limit some services. Cleaning rooms and preparation of amenities are available on check-in date only. We kindly ask all customers to accept our regulations.

1. For offering more competitive price for guest.
2. Consideration for the global environment.
3. To protects guests’ privacy.

As your request, we offer cleaning for 1000 yen / a time. Please feel free to call us. For consumable amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap, tissue, toilet paper etc. If you finish them please you can take from Front desk..

The bubble bath, most featured product today.

The most featured item Micro bubble bath system is now quipped at hotel! in the micro bubble bath, there is no need of washing and subbing, just relax in the hot water, fine air bubble cleans you and makes your body smooth and perfect condition.
4 points fo produce comfortable time with ,micro bubble bath
1. Washing Power - Even for dry and delicate skin people, the micro bubble of 0.003 mm of foam gently wash you without damaging the skin as not required scrubbing.
2. Warm bath effect - The microbubbles helps you to not cooling down quickly after the bath and make you feel as you just had hot spring.
3. Flowing bath - With one-touch lever operation, you can switch to easy water flow. You can also enjoy the comfortable airless jet bath.
4. Spot care - By using special tube (accessory), you can apply a tornado jet directly to the part of your body that you want to care.
Gently wash your skin with water and air only. It is safe to use micro bubble bath system from small children to the elderly.
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Antibacterial measures with removal bacteria!

Okinawa is one of the leading tourist spots in Japan.
We are Since we are used by many customers from home and abroad,
we are providing clean space.

To that end, the hotel emphasizes countermeasures against infectious diseases throughout the hotel, and we have introduced the "Protocrine Aqua" disinfecting and deodorizing water throughout the whole building.

We use "Protocrine Aqua" which is also capable of space sterilization, and through measures are carried out so that you can spend comfortably at our hotel from space spraying in the lobby to Spraying and cleaning of various places.
We are happy if you can use our hotel with confidence.

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